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Evacuated Tube Solar

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

Neopower evacuated tube solar collectors capture more sunlight as they have a greater surface area exposed to the sun at any time. It can be used in subzero temperatures, are durable, and provide excellent performance in overcast conditions. Neopower evacuated tube collectors come with a 15 Year Warranty.

Evacuated tubes are made from two layers of glass, fused together and evacuated of air. A special coating is applied to the outer layer of the inner tube. When light passes through the inner tube it is converted to heat at 98% efficiency. The light is trapped and a copper heat exchanger heats water flowing through a header pipe. This water is pumped back to a storage tank ready for use. The heated water is boosted if needed to a usable temperature before being delivered to the house

Solar Hot Water



80% Collector Efficiency. Superior Winter performance.


80% Annual Energy Savings.


Frost tolerant by design Rated to -15 Degrees C.


Sleek, black collector for neutral aesthetic. Looks great on any roof.

Impact Resistance

Evacuated tubes undergo the same rigorous impact testing.

Independent Operation

No plumber needed, no downtime, no leaking.


Controller displays tank and collector temperature. Fault codes for easy diagnostics.


Nickel dipped copper heat pipe. Powder-coated aluminium collector frame & manifold.
evacuated tubes work
The coating on the inner tube converts sunlight into heat.
Heat is transferred to sealed copper “heat pipes” containing liquid. The liquid is heated and forms a vapour which rises to the condenser.
Water is heated as it passes through the condenser.
Evacuated Tube Solar


Cold water is pumped through the codenser in the collector.
Heated water returns to the tank, and is stored for later use
A gas or electric booster ensures the water is delivered to the home at a usable temperature, even during Winter.
Evacuated Tube Solar
Evacuated Tube Solar